6 Best SnapTube Tips and Tricks 2018

In this page we are going to show you the 6 best snaptube tips and tricks that can improve your experience in using SnapTube app. By knowing these, you can understand why you should have SnapTube app on your smartphone and on your PC Windows/Laptop. Are you wondering what the best snaptube tips and tricks are? Let’s check the best SnapTube tips and tricks review below.

6 Best SnapTube Tips and Tricks 2018

Increase Download Speed

snaptube tips and tricks - increase download speed

SnapTube app free download provides settings which allows its users to adjust the download speed limit by themselves. You can find this feature in the Settings. Check it and make sure you put the snaptube download speed limit is unlimited.

Change Language

snaptube tips and tricks - change snaptube language

You don’t speak English? Worry not! SnapTube download supports various languages world wide. The users can easily change the language of SnapTube app free download without installing any plugins. Just go to the Settings and change into your language. SnapTube app will ask for a restart to take effect.

Change Content Location

snaptube tips and tricks - change content location

The content in SnapTube app free download is not only based on a certain country or just world wide. The content location on SnapTube app will decide the popular videos that will appear on the home screen. If you prefer to see what videos that are popular in your country, then you can change the content location.

Plus, this change content location can be an alternative way to access the blocked sites on your country. In short, if you find a blocked site on your country, try to change the country location on SnapTube app free download.

Play Video on Top

snaptube tips and tricks picture in picture mode

SnapTube app allows the users to watch video on top. It means the video will keep playing eventhough the users open other app on the phone. It’s very useful if you are doing multitasking things, chatting or browsing and watching video at the same time.

To use this feature, go to ‘Settings’ and enable ‘Picture in Picture Mode’. When you try to open other apps, the video will shrink to small size and placed on the right bottom. Click on it to make it full screen. To know how to download video on SnapTube app, you can go to this link – Download YouTube Video using SnapTube app.

Add Any Sites to SnapTube

snaptube tips and tricks add video sites

You cannot find your favorite sites to download video on SnapTube sites list? Then, add your sites manually. SnapTube app free download allows the users to add the websites by themselves if they are not in the list. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Video Sites’. Then, tap the ‘+‘ button and choose ‘Add a website’ to add the URL of the sites.

Backup Video Files

SnapTube video files that you have downloaded are stored in the internal memory. Unlike the SnapTube old version, the new version of SnapTube cannot change the download path. Furthermore, the video files will be removed once SnapTube app is uninstalled.

To avoid losing video files on SnapTube download, we recommend you to back up them all. You can do it manually by moving the video files in the SnapTube Download folder in the internal memory to the external memory. This tips will also free the internal memory space that can give more room to run other apps on your Android devices. Of course it could avoid lag that might happen when the internal memory runs out of space.

That’s all the SnapTube review about tips and tricks that you must know before you use SnapTube app free download. If you want to know more about SnapTube app free download, you can check this page. Do you have another tips and tricks for SnapTube download? Please write it in the comment box below.

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