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SnapTube apk is a free video downloader app which has so many great features that can help you grabbing your favorite videos from YouTube. The video qualities SnapTube offered are vary, from 144p to HD 1080p.

Not only from YouTube, but you can also download videos from other websites, such as Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, LiveLeak and even Whatsapp daily. If you have another websites, you can add it by yourself.

snaptube for android

If you don’t have enough space in your SD card but want to download many songs, SnapTube allows you to download the audio only. The audio will be in m4a format which has a better quality compare to mp3 format.

More on SnapTube features, you can browse and download new videos easily from SnapTube app based on Popular or Top categories, or if the video you’ve been looking for isn’t there, you can write the keywords in the search box and SnapTube will find it for you. Once, you download the videos, you can enjoy watching them offline.

Snaptube video downloader


SnapTube app for Android is not available in Play Store because Google has restricted a YouTube video downloader app. Although SnapTube app is not in Play Store, it’s safe to install on your Android. You can download SnapTube app from the download link below and then install it manually. Check the tutorial below if you need a guidance of how to install SnapTube on Android.

download snaptube apk


SnapTube downloader runs smoothly on Android JellyBean, KitKat, and Lollipop. If you have older version of Android, you are still allowed to try to install it and see the result by yourself.

Since the SnapTube app installer isn’t from Play Store, you must enable the feature Unknown Sources to allow installing application from unknown sources on your Android. Go to Settings > Security, scroll down to find Unknown sources under Device administration section. Then toggle the button next to it to enable the feature.

If you have done the step above, it means you’re ready for the next steps.



1. Locate the SnapTube apk using File explorer app.

2. Tap on the SnapTube apk installer.

Snaptube apk3. Tap install.

install snaptube on android

4. Done.

SnapTube app has been successfully installed on your Android. Now you are ready to download video from YouTube or other websites provided by SnapTube on the home page. Keep reading to know how to download video using SnapTube app.

As it has been mentioned earlier, SnapTube has offered you so many good features as well as good quality of video. It has been one of the best video downloader applications for Android. Cek the guidances below to see how simple it is to download YouTube video using SnapTube app.



1. Open SnapTube app.

2. Tap on Popular or Top tab to find the video or type keywords in the search box to find the video you’re looking for.

download video from snaptube

3. When the video has appeared, you can either download it directly by tapping on the arrow button next to the video. Another way, you can tap the video to watch it and make sure that that’s the video you’ve been looking for. After that, tap the arrow button at the bottom right of the screen to download the video.

Download video using Snaptube

4. A notification will pop up and tap on which video quality you want.

video quality

5. The downloading process will start immediately.

6. Wait until it finish and you can watch it offline. Enjoy!

SnapTube app comes with Fast Download Mode feature that makes it possible to prioritize the download video process and finish it faster.

However, the default settings of SnapTube app limits the maximum download for 2 tasks only. If you want to download many videos at the same time, you can change the max download number from Settings.



It’s easy to change the max download tasks, so that you can download many videos at the same time. Check the steps below:

1. Open SnapTube app.

2. Tap the gear icon on the top right.

change Snaptube Settings

3. Tap the Max Download Tasks to change the number of tasks.

change the maximum download in snaptube

4. Swipe the tasks to the right. You can set the tasks from 1 to 10.

change the download number in snaptube

5. Tap OK.

Remember that if you set your maximum download tasks in a high number, it will reduce the download speed and also slow down your smartphone. So, it’s wise to keep the download tasks in a small number.

The video you’ve been downloaded will be saved in the internal memory by default. However, you will run out of space quickly if you download many videos from SnapTube. For that reason, SnapTube app allows you to change the download Path.



1. Open SnapTube app.

2. Click gear icon on the top right to get into the Settings.

change Snaptube Settings

3. Click the Download Path feature.

change the download path in snaptube

4. Choose MicroSD

choose MicroSD for the download folder

5. Find the folder to save the video or create a new folder by tapping on the folder icon at the top right.

6. Write the title of the folder and tap confirm.

write the title of the folder

7. Tap the folder you’ve just created and tap “SELECT THIS FOLDER“.

8. A confirmation pop up will show up. Tap SELECT.

select folder to save the videos

9. Done!

Start from now every the video you download from SnapTube app will be stored automatically to your microSD. By doing this, you still have enough space to install other applications. Also, you will not lose all your videos when something wrong happens to your smartphone.



Unfortunately, SnapTube app for iPhone or iPad is not available at the moment. But you can use other alternative app, such as Video Downloader app or iDownloader app if you want to download video from YouTube from your iPhone or iPad.

Video Downloader for iPhone and iDownloader for iPhone basically are similar to SnapTube app. You can use those app to download video from YouTube. They also offer you good features, including AirPlay and password protection for Video Downloader app.

If you are interested and want to know more about Video Downloader app for iPhone, you can go to this page.



Meanwhile, SnapTube for Blackberry as well as SnapTube for Nokia is also not available right now. There is an alternative app for Blackberry, such as FastTube app for BlackBerry. However, check SnapTube Apk alternative app for Nokia if you want to.

snaptube app


Although SnapTube apk is only available for Android, it’s still possible to run SnapTube app on PC. With a small trick from us, you can install SnapTube for Windows PC to download video from YouTube.

download snaptube apk


As you know, SnapTube only runs on an Android device and to be able to run it on PC. Therefore to run it on PC, you will need an Android emulator. We suggest you to use BlueStack emulator as one of the best Android emulator for PC.

1. Download BlueStacks for PC. Get to know more about BlueStacks for PC and its features.

Download BlueStacks App Player for PC

2. Install it on your computer.

3. Download SnapTube app.

4. Open BlueStack and install SnapTube on your PC.

You can start download video from YouTube once the installing process’s done. Running SnapTube app on PC will not limit all the features. SnapTube apk app for PC is working as well as on your smartphone.



The answer is NO. You cannot convert music offline in SnapTube app. If you want to have the audio only, you can download using the same steps as downloading the video. After that choose m4a format to get the audio only.

Happy downloading!

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