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You probably are trying to find SnapTube App for Windows Phone. But we are sorry that we have to disappoint you. SnapTube for Nokia Lumia or Windows Phones is not available at the moment. SnapTube Download App only works for Android devices – read here to know more about SnapTube App features.

SnapTube YouTube Downloader


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If you are using Nokia Lumia or Windows Phone devices, we recommend you to use Tube Pro App for Windows Phone. Tube Pro App is the best SnapTube for Nokia alternative that works flawlessly on Nokia Lumia or other Windows Phone devices. You can watch YouTube videos from Tube Pro App and even download videos.

snaptube for nokia

Tube Pro App is the best YouTube video downloader for Nokia Lumia or Windows Phone devices. It is available on Microsoft Store for free. Go to the Microsoft Store App and search for the app. Then, click the app to install it on your smartphone.

Still want to know more about Tube Pro App? Check the features below.

SnapTube For Nokia Alternative – Tube Pro App Features


1. Download video from YouTube.

With the help of Tube Pro App for Nokia, you can download your favorite videos from YouTube for free. Therefore you can watch the video offline – without internet connection – everywhere and anywhere.
2. Pause and resume download.

When download video from Tube Pro App for Nokia and your internet connection is not stable, you can pause it and then resume the download when you have stable internet connection.
3. Play videos in Low Quality, High Quality and HD.

This is another good feature of Tube Pro for Nokia as it will automatically detect your connection when you are streaming from YouTube. When you have low internet connection, Tube Pro App for Nokia will turn into low quality. However, the quality will change as you have faster internet connection.
4. Create a playlist of your favorite videos.

You can create a playlist of video that you want to watch on Tube Pro App for Nokia. So you don’t waste your time by searching the video after you have finished watching one video and are going to watch another video.
5. Upload your funny and memorable videos on YouTube and share it via Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have just recorded a memorable moment or just edited a funny video? Upload it on YouTube using Tube Pro App for Nokia and share it via Facebook and Twitter so that your friends know it.

Note: Tube Pro App contains adds. Buy the paid version if you want to remove the adds.


Another easy solution to download video from YouTube is from PC and then transfer it to your smartphone. Wondering how to do it? Check the tutorial on SnapTube App for PC page.

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