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Looking for the simplest way to download video from YouTube to your PC? If you are, then you’ve come to the perfect place. SnapTube for PC is the answer of your question. SnapTube is the best, yet easiest Android application to download video from YouTube. Not only from YouTube, SnapTube for PC also allows you to download HD video from other video sites, such as Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. You can download all videos like drama, music clip, short video, cartoon and other kind of videos for free using snaptube for PC.

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Basically, SnapTube is only available for Android devices, but you can use an Android Emulator so that you are able to run Android Apps on Mac flawlessly. Talking about the best Android Emulator, we recommend you to download BlueStacks Player for PC. BlueStacks Player to help you running SnapTube for PC. BlueStacks for PC is an Android emulator which can help you running Android apk on PC. Follow the steps below to install SnapTube for PC:

Download SnapTube for PC

1. First of all, you must download an Android Emulator so that you can run Android Apps on PC. Download and install BlueStacks. Read BlueStacks Features to know more about it.

Download BlueStacks for Windows


installing bluestack


2. Click the button below to download SnapTube Apk. The download progress will start immediately after you press the button. Please check your download folder afterwards.

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3. Next, run SnapTube Apk by pressing the right click and choose ‘Open with BlueStacks APK Installer‘. BlueStacks will automatically install the Snaptube apk installer. Wait a few minutes until the SnapTube logo appears on the home.

install snaptube on PC


4. After that, click the Snaptube for PC icon to start download video on YouTube or other sites. Now you are ready to download YouTube video using SnapTube from PC.

SnapTube for PC

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Congratulation as you have successfully installed SnapTube for PC. Remember that everytime you want to download HD video and MP3 via snaptube for PC, you must open BlueStacks Player. Basically, it’s easy to download HD video and audio using snaptube for PC, but in case you need a guidance, you can check download video using SnapTube for PC page.

In addition, Snaptube for PC has alot of useful features that you might be interested in. If so, you can check the snaptube for PC features to know more about it on this page.

Happy downloading!

67 thoughts on “Download SnapTube for PC

  1. Waste of time does not work, I acted according to instructions, but could not download videos from YT. But even with SnapTube nothing works, video is downloaded not find on my computer

  2. If I use snap tube I can’t use the song I have downloaded elsewhere like my flash disk to my music system. I can only play the songs on snap tube please help.

  3. very nice app it is very useful and wonderfull. it’s new version save 238 kb.

  4. will snaptuube works if i only downloaded the snaptub apk and ignored bluestack ???…
    i dont even know what is it anyway?

  5. É um programa muito especial e muito bom
    porque baixamos com facilidade as coisas que nós bem queremos
    continuem assim to a gostar muito do vosso trabalho.

    1. To copy the audio file directly from your smartphone to a pen drive, you surely need a OTG. But make sure that your Android device supports this hardware. If you are not sure, transfer the audio file from smartphone to PC using the usb cable, then transfer it to the Pen Drive. Hope it help!

  6. fiz tudo certo só que na hora de abir ele n abre ,eu clico nele abre uma pagina escrito esnap tube e fecha sozinho .existe algo q possa fazer ?

  7. En una computadora con Window 10, se puede bajar los dos archivos: snaptube y BlueStacks

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