5 Miglior SnapTube Alternative Apps 2018

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SnapTube AlternativesSnapTube app might be the best YouTube video downloader application for Android devices, but it’s not the only app. There are other YouTube video downloader apps that you can use as SnapTube alternatives. Though we believe that once you have tried SnapTube download app, it’s hard for you to move on to other video downloader app.

SnapTube app is popular and has been downloaded by million of people. But if you want to give it a try to other similar YouTube video downloader like SnapTube app, you can try the 5 Miglior SnapTube Alternative Apps that we have listed on this page.

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Simile a SnapTube App, the applications that we recommend can download video and audio like SnapTube app. inoltre, the video downloader apps are available to download for free. Così, let’s check what features that these SnapTube alternatives apps offer you.

5 Miglior SnapTube Alternative Apps (2018)

TubeMate 3

snaptube alternatives - tubemate 3

TubeMate 3 probably is the best SnapTube alternatives app among others. This video downloader application has similar user interface like SnapTube. This will be an advantage for the users as they can operate the TubeMate easily.

There are various video resolutions and qualities that TubeMate 3 offered to its users. You can choose full HD video, 1080p, 720p, 360, 144, eccetera. Inoltre, TubeMate also provides videos in many format, such as MP4, WEBM, eccetera.

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Beside downloading video, TubeMate 3 download app can also help you to download audio. There are some audio format that you can choose to download from TubeMate 3: MP3, OGG, M4A, AAC, eccetera. purtroppo, TubeMate is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download the APK file and install it manually.

Download TubeMate 3 from the official website.



snaptube alternatives - videoder

Another SnapTube Alternatives app you can try is Videoder download app. This YouTube video downloader application will help you to download video and audio like SnapTube app. It also supports various video websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Videoder claims that the users can watch videos without Ads. It sounds great as we know that sometimes the ads can be very annoying. If you don’t like to see ads, you might want to consider to give Videoder download app a try.

One of the promising features of Videoder that you like is it’s ability to download 4K video. Everyone knows that 4K is the best video quality that YouTube can have so far and not all video downloader app can download it, but Videoder app can. Want to give it a shot?

Download Videoder from the official website.



snaptube altenatives vidmate

Vidmate is another popular video downloader app. This SnapTube alternatives app supports many video websites where the users can downloader the video and audio for free. The video websites include FunnyorDie, Vite, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Metacafe, Youtube, Instagram and many more. Vidmate has clean and great user interface which makes it easy to operate.

Like other video downloader app, Vidmate also offers several video resolutions and qualities to download. The users can download HD video or lower quality video depends on their need. The video and audio will be stored in the Android smatphones and can be played offline.

One thing that makes Vidmate different than other video downloader is that Vidmate provides an access to download apps and games for Android gadgets within the app. Interesting, huh? The Vidmate video donwloader is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download it from the link below.

Download Vidmate from the official website.



snaptube alternatives keepvid

Everyone knows Keepvid as a website that can help to download video from YouTube, Vimeo, Vite, Metacafe and other sources. Since its popularity is increasing, Keepvid finally launches its official application for Android. The Keepvid video downloader app makes the downloading video becomes easier.

Keepvid offers many video qualities, such as 4K, 2K, Ultra HD, HD and lower quality. The users can keep the video file on their Android devices and watch it offline. This app also has been equipped with fast download mode like SnapTube app. Inoltre, Keepvid app is free to download.

Download Keepvid from the official website.



snaptube alternatives tubidy app

Tubidy is like Keepvid, it’s actually an online video and mp3 downloader. But since it gains popularity, the team decided to create a tubidy application for Android devices. Così, it will be easier for the users to download YouTube video and MP3 from the Android smartphone anytime they like.

By using Tubidy app, the users have some options to download the video based on the quality. It offers HD or lower quality, 1024p, 720p, 420p. While the audio, Tubidy app offers the users to download in 320kpbs, 128kbps, eccetera.

Download Tubidy from the official website



YouTube Offline

snaptube alternatives youtube offline

The last option is dedicated for Android users who have small internal memory which makes them impossible to download video downloader app. If you have no more internal memory left but still want to keep video offline, you can use the new feature from YouTube app, YouTube offline.

YouTube Offline is a feature on youtube app that allow you to download the video from YouTube app. Later on, you can watch it offline without internet data. But you cannot take the video file seperately. To get this feature, you just need to upgrade your YouTube app to the latest version. Go to Google Play Store to download your YouTube application.

Among all, SnapTube video downloader is still the most favorite video downloader app for Android. SnapTube app is definitely an awesome app, but you might want to try out the SnapTube alternatives to compare and find the best according to yourself.

We have listed the 5 best SnapTube alternatives apps which you can consider to try. Have you tried one of them? Which is your favorite? Or you have other SnapTube alternatives app that is not in the list above. Please share it in the comment box below.

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