Soluzione modificare il percorso di download in App SnapTube

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Since SnapTube video downloader has brought an easy way to download YouTube video, I believe you like to download YouTube video now. inoltre, the quality of the video from SnapTube video downloader is great. But the more you download video, the less the internal memory space left. Qui, we will talk about how to change the download path in SnapTube App to free your internal memory.

snaptube youtube video downloader

When we download video using SnapTube app, the video will be stored in the internal memory. This can cause lag to your smartphone. One solution for this issue is changing the download path. Changing the download path in SnapTube App will save the internal memory. The system will have more space to run other apps which prevents your smartphone from lagging.

Fortunately, Snap Tube video downloader has a feature that allows the users to change the download path. Così, the video and audio download files will go to the external memory automatically. If you want to save your internal memory, follow the steps below:

Change the Download Path in SnapTube App:

Nota: Due to the restrictions in Android 4.4+ (KitKat or later), the tutorial above only works for Android JellyBean or lower.

  1. Launch SnapTube App. Tap the left top to go to the Sneptube account. Poi, tap Settings on the left bottom.
  2. Scroll down to the Download Settings and tap Download Path.
  3. You will see two options: Internal Storage and SD Card. Choose SD card to save the video and mp3 in the external memory.
  4. Choose Select This Folder and you will have a popup message. Press Select Anyway.

cambiare percorso di download in App snaptube

Now you have set the video and mp3 storage to the external memory. Start from now, whenever you download mp3 and video using Sneptube app the files will go to the SD card.

There are things you should consider when you change the download path in Snap Tube App. For Android 4.4+ (KitKat or later) there are some things that will happen if you change the download path in SnapTub app:

  • The video and audio files will be deleted once SnapTub is uninstalled.
  • You can only see the video and audio files using Snap Tube app. File manager or other media player will not be able to see them.
  • Only folder inside the SnapTube folder is allowed for the download path.

fix error change download path in snaptube

If you are using Android KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and above, it means that you still can change the download path, but the folder is private. This will be a problem if you want to send the video and mp3 files from your smartphone to your PC Windows. Perciò, there is a solution for the error in changing download path in SnapTube app. Follow the tutorial below to fix the problem in SnapTube app:

  1. Let the Snap Tube Download Path in the default mode. It means keep SnapTube save the video and audio files in the internal memory.
  2. Every time you download video and mp3 using SnapTube, find the files using a File Manager application. Poi, cut the media files and paste them in the external memory. Make sure you have created a folder to keep your files organized.

It may take times because you have to move the media files from the internal to external memory manually. But at least you can see the mp3 and video files. Anche, you will not lose the mp3 and video files when you uninstall SnapTub app from your Android devices.

That’s about how to change the download path in SnapTube, along with the solution to fix the error. Speriamo che ti aiuta. Don’t hesitate to throw a question in the comment box if you have any. ciao!

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