Download YouTube Video HD using SnapTube App

After you have successfully downloaded SnapTube YouTube video downloader, you may want to download YouTube video using SnapTube App. We find it easy to download YouTube video using SnapTube App. Here, we will show you how to do it.

SnapTube app has a clean user interface which makes it easier to operate. We can download YouTube video using SnapTube App in a few clicks. SnapTube app also offers some options of video related to the qualities. SnapTube app doesn’t give limitation to the number of video that you want to download. We can get all videos for free.

snaptube youtube video downloader

The advantage of downloading video using SnapTube HD video downloader app is we can watch the video offline. It means we don’t need internet data or open YouTube to watch the video because the video is already stored in our smartphones. We can share the downloaded video to our friends using WhatsApp, Twitter, Email or even upload it on our Facebook account.

How to Download HD Video using SnapTube App

  1. Open SnapTube app on your Android devices. Visit Download SnapTube App page if you haven’t got one.
  2. Type the title or keyword of the video that you are looking for and press the magnifying icon on the right side to start searching. When typing, you will see some suggestions. You can use the suggestions appeared.
  3. Go to the YouTube section and you will see some results of the video related to the keywords you have typed.
  4. Tap on the little arrow on the right side to start download video.
  5. The links to download will appear once SnapTube App has finished generating the video download links.
  6. You will see some options of video together with the size of the video files. Choose the video quality that you want to download.

Download YouTube Video HD using SnapTube App

Wait for the video downloading patiently. SnapTube video downloader app will save the video in the Gallery. You can watch it once the download process has finished.

When you are downloading HD video, always remember that HD video has bigger size compared to the lower quality. So, always make sure that you have a stable internet connection before downloading HD video. If by some reasons you lose internet connection, SnapTube app will pause and resume it once you are connected.

SnapTube App supports multiple download. It means you can download many videos at once. But SnapTube will limit the multiple download to 10 videos. It’s because if we download many videos at once, the video downloading process will take very long time. Thus, we suggest you to download max two or three videos at the same time.

That’s enough about the tutorial to download YouTube video using SnapTube App. Please write in the comment if you have any questions. Cheerio!

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