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So you prefer to download mp3 than the video? SnapTube app can be the right answer. SnapTube app is capable of downloading the audio only from YouTube. The audio that SnapTube download from YouTube will be in mp3 and m4a formats. This feature is what makes SnapTube app the best YouTube to mp3 downloader.

To convert YouTube video to mp3 is not difficult when you use SnapTube App. This feature will do it automatically for the users. You can use this YouTube to Mp3 downloader to download a single song or even an album from your favorite singers or bands.

snaptube video downloader

The quality of the audio that you download from SnapTube – YouTube to Mp3 downloader depends on the audio from the video itself. If you can find a video clip with a great audio quality, then the audio must be great as well. So, please check the audio before you download the mp3. Follow the tutorial below to download MP3 using SnapTube App.

How to download MP3 using SnapTube App

  1. Launch SnapTube App. You can visit Download SnapTube app page if you haven’t downloaded it.
  2. Type the keywords in the searching box on top. The keywords can be the title or the singer.
  3. The results will appear. Go to the YouTube section by tapping the YouTube tab.
  4. Tap the little arrow on the right side. SnapTube will generate the download links.
  5. Tap on the mp3 that you want to download.

SnapTube download mp3

Snap Tube app will download the video in the first place and it will convert the YouTube video to mp3. Then, you can play it using the default player from SnapTube or using your own music player. SnapTube app will store the mp3 download files in your internal memory. It means you can listen to the mp3 anytime offline. You can even share the mp3 with your friends.

By using SnapTub YouTube mp3 converter, we don’t need to download mp3 one by one. But we can download many mp3 at once because Snap Tube has a multiple download feature.

What else that Snap Tube app can do? SnapTub can download HD video and also 2K video for free. We have written the tutorial about how to download video using SnapTub app in the last post. You can visit it here.

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